We, the FET Young Explorers, Andre Estévez-Torres, Ilka Axmann and Sven Findeiß, successfully raised EU funding for the RiboNets project. After three and half years RiboNets ended in April 2017. Our achievements, including publications and developed software, are listed below.

Our multi-disciplinary approach blended the three layers of in silico, in vitro and in vivo analysis and fostered the successful engineering of functional RNA molecules.  Please find more details about the project and the consortium at the corresponding sub pages.



Apr 2017: RNAblueprint accepted

Our in silico RNA sequence design framework, comprised of a powerful sequence sampler (RNAblueprint) and a Python wrapper (RNAsketch), got accepted for publication in Bioinformatics and is available on GitHub.

Dec 2016: Riboswitch publication

We successfuly published our work on Riboswitch design together with Mario Moerl and Peter F. Stadler from University Leipzig in Nucleic Acids Research.

Oct 2016: RNAblueprint online

RNAblueprint, a software to fairly sample nucleic acid sequences compatible with multiple structural and sequence constraints, is now online. The corresponding publication has been submitted to Bioinformatics.

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